North Carolina Photo Diary

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North Carolina has never been on my ‘list’ of places to visit and to be honest, I really knew nothing about Durham or North Carolina at all before visiting. The first thing I think of when I think of North Carolina is the rap song ‘Raise Up’ by Petey Pablo that used to play on the radio back in the day. However, thanks to my good friend, Jen, who recently moved to Durham, I decided to go visit her this past week.

The first thing I noticed when I flew into Durham was that it was really, really hot. Like, nasty, sticky, humid hot. It was pretty much like that the entire time I was there. Even after it rained, it was still hot. Luckily, I packed pretty light, summery clothes for the weather, which made the situation a little better.

On the first day, we explored downtown Durham, which although it’s very small, it was also cute and charming with lots of little shops and restaurants. We stopped by a cool plant shop called Zen Succulent where my friend picked up a few terrariums with air plants. We also stopped by Chet Miller, filled with cute home decor, gifts and stationaries. It was also nice to stop inside shops and restaurants where there was air conditioning, since it was way too hot to be outside.

The next couple of days, we did a lot of eating and going to farmers market. There’s a ton of great food here, especially BBQ and of course, chicken & waffles. Yum! So good. There are still so many food spots I wanted to check out but did not have time to. We also explored Raleigh and Chapel Hill when I was there, but did not take too many photos because it was so sunny out for most of the day.

I’m back in Seattle now, where the weather is much more tolerable, but I will miss Durham and I definitely plan on going back when the weather isn’t so hot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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  1. These photos are beautiful! It was so great having you visit. We’ll explore more sometime when we can wear jeans haha. Miss you!

    1. says: Reply

      Thanks girl! Miss you! Come to Seattle!! hehe

  2. I love brick sidewalks, old water towers, beautiful flowers and great food. Looks like a great place to visit.

  3. Your photos are really beautiful. Not a fan of tomatoes but they look appetizing on you shot.

  4. Just gorgeous photography! I always love seeing new adventures and discoveries.

  5. Such insanely gorgeous photos! You truly captured the vibe of the city!

    La Belle Sirene

  6. Fantastic photos! I have never been to North Carolina but now I REALLY want to go.

  7. I lived in WNC for 8 years and I sure do miss it. I have not visited Durham before but it sure looks great. Super photos

  8. Great photos! Felt like I was there with you 🙂

  9. Love these awesome pics– I’ve never been to NC but you make me want to go!

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