Fall Layers in Pioneer Square

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

Tuyet + Brenda

A couple of weeks ago, I hung out with my amazing photographer friend, Vincent, in Seattle. We hung out at our usual spot, Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square.  It’s crazy to think that we met through Instagram many years ago when I was visiting New York and now we both live in Seattle! If you haven’t checked out his photography yet, you should! Anyway, he took these photos of me and my sister when we were strolling through Pioneer Square, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle. Hope you guys all have a great week!




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  1. I love this outfit (that scarf is adorable)! Seeing all the pretty Autumn outfits makes me feel kind of sad that we’re almost in Summer here in Australia… and I love Summer.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    1. Thanks so much Christie!

  2. I love the ombre in your hair! It’s so stunning. You’re inspiring me!


    1. Thanks! Haven’t had it done in almost a year but thanks!

  3. such a cute casual look, love the chunky scarf!

    1. Thanks so much Mary!

  4. I love your outfits. Seattle is a beautiful city, I have been there twice.

    1. Yes it is! Love this city

  5. Love the Way That You’ve styled Them with the rest of this outfit!


    1. Thanks Rachel!

  6. Love photographing you! Thanks for being so awesome!

    1. You’re the best! We need to shoot more together

  7. Your entire outfit is fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much

  8. I love this entire look and the colors are fall perfect! Your watch is pretty fabulous too!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

  9. Great quality photos and your outfits are fab!

    1. Thanks, my friend has an awesome camera!

  10. Obsessed with your fun fall layers! You look super cute and cozy. Ready for these colder temps. Love how you met your photographer through ig! That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much jessica!

  11. You look SO cozy and chic!! I love layering for fall and winter, it’s my favourite season for fashion!

    La Belle Sirene 

    1. Me too! I love fall and winter clothes!

  12. You pull off looking super cosy yet still chic very well! Love the boots.


    1. Thank you Kamara!

  13. Love your layers babe. The scarf is so pretty! Happy weekend xo, sharon


    1. Thanks, hope you had a weekend too!

  14. You look so stylish! I love all the layers, but your scarf is my favorite!


    1. Thanks it’s super warm too!

  15. Love the outfit! Great styling!


  16. Ahh!! looks like you had such an amazing time and great style at vincent, seattle. Such a good fall outfits!! i love how cozy it looks! Beautiful fall into this layers.

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