DC Photo Diary

Happy hump day, guys! We’re halfway through the week – yay! I can almost taste the weekend. I was going to write this post this past weekend, but I got so busy and wasn’t able to get it done, so I finally forced myself to sit down today and get this done. Last week, I went to DC for the first time to visit my brother. He moved there last year and I wanted to go visit him before he moves again (he’s in the military so he’s always moving around). I’ve been telling people last month that I’m going to DC for the first time and people are always so shocked to hear that I’ve never been there before. FYI – I was supposed to go on a school field trip when I was younger but 9/11 happened so we never ended up going! So, here I am, 16 years later, visiting our nation’s capitol…. And I LOVED it!

The weather was so warm and the cherry blossoms were just starting to come out. I absolutely loved the architecture there and visiting all the free museums, learning about our country’s history (again). It was amazing to see the Lincoln Memorial in person, being from the Land of Lincoln and all. Such a cool experience to see it all in person. My favorite place, though, was definitely Georgetown. I loved all the cute little shops and homes there. Every corner is just as cute and photogenic as the last. I seriously could spend an entire day there but we were short on time. Wish I had more time to spend in DC to see everything but I guess that just means I have to go back one day!

I’m back in Seattle now and just laying low for a couple of weeks until my next trip to New Orleans. If you have any suggestions of things to do, let me know below! Until next time, friends!



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  1. Love your style! Cool photo shoot, I have not been there yet! I am a Seattle area blogger also, great post and glad to see another from the NW in the group!


    1. Thanks so much! That’s great to see another blogger in the Seattle area.

  2. I live right outside of DC. It’s gorgeous to visit. You got some great photos of her beauty!

  3. Gorg photos. Need those black leather flats!


  4. D.C. looks so beautiful! I haven’t been yet either and I would love to visit it someday. I really love the ruffle blouse outfit!

    Also another Seattle blogger too. I guess there are quite a few of us! haha.


    1. Wow! That’s so awesome!

  5. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

    1. Thanks so much! Means a lot.

  6. Love your outfits and each and every shot is beautiful. I love your shoes.
    Shreya| https://mymagicaltrunk.com/

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