Saint Laurent Sac Université Bag

Hey guys! Today, I’ll be talking about this Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Université bag I’ve been stalking for a long time! I wanted a YSL bag after I borrowed my sister’s earlier this year and became obsessed with it. See the post here. So, I finally caved in and decided to splurge. Sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself. Am I right?

My rule of thumb when splurging on something is to make sure it has a classic look. I always go for black handbags because it’s a classic color and it doesn’t get dirty easily. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love black. Also, black always looks so chic! What I also love about this bag is that it has a structure to it and will hold overtime; unlike floppy bags, which I think look worse overtime. I wanted this bag in smooth leather but it was all sold out, so I went with textured leather which I’m still very happy about. What do you guys think of the bag? Let me know below.




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8 Replies to “Saint Laurent Sac Université Bag”

  1. Love the bag & the outfit overall. You can never go wrong with black & white ???


  2. Love the simplicity of this look!!

  3. It looks like it is the perfect size cross body handbag. I definitely need this in my handbag collection!

  4. Simone Hjulmand says: Reply

    Such a stunning outfit! You look so chic! xx

  5. It’s definitely a beautiful bag. One that would last FOREVER. I have it in the “If I hit the lottery” wish list. Beautiful.

    Thrifting Diva

  6. This outfit is perfect for the office! I love how simple that YSL bag is.

    Amanda ||

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